I asked myself that same question several years ago and came up with an answer: identity theft. Your Facebook comment is a good example where identity theft is most common since users who post their drunken pictures dont' care or won't care. Anything a person does outside the norm will be suspicious because people… » 1/15/14 10:06am 1/15/14 10:06am

It looks too much like the current gen Corolla (or the current gen Corolla copied this front) even though it's bigger. The Predator is aggressive and all, but I never digged this Predator-esque front grill in the Lexus. » 1/08/14 1:44pm 1/08/14 1:44pm

Rogue? I'm guessing that she's just staying there like a normal human being for Boddy/Iceman because she decided to take the mutant gene supression syrum in X3. Otherwise, she could have regained her power (same as Magneto I guess) and touches Charles Xavier and unleash the time traveling "power". So that picture… » 10/29/13 12:18pm 10/29/13 12:18pm

The concept art looks ok. The shield is a bit WTF, and the body, although looks kind of futuristic, just doesn't seem to suit Optimus Prime. Maybe I'm just heavily attached to the old cartoon's design... I like the new head though. » 10/29/13 9:13am 10/29/13 9:13am

Mortal Kombat Legacy... First Season was BADASS!!! I loved every single bit of it. Second season was a huge disappointment. No excitement, characters aren't played by the same actors, it felt like a mediocre fighting series with the intention of cramming as much fight scenes as possible. I would hope they'll think… » 10/28/13 8:26am 10/28/13 8:26am

He mentioned at the end of the episode that he doesn't necessarily approve the Arrow's method, but he approves of the results. And on the rooftop, he mentioned something about going outside the law for justice (in summary anyway). As a patrol officer, his hands are tied. Play with the Arrow, and turn a blind eye for… » 10/24/13 8:44am 10/24/13 8:44am